Learn How to Automate the Entire Task on macOS or Windows

Everyone wants their computer to do some of the things automatically which they do daily. Well, there’s nothing wrong if your computer understands and carries some tasks as they are its responsibility. Things like resizing photos, running apps, and rename files are tasks that don’t consume much time but can be really annoying if they are in bulk.

People prefer to finish minor tasks with a suitable app or tool with proper accuracy in today’s era. And if you also have the same thought in mind, you should try out the right software to make this happen. There is a couple of software that can help you to do some minor tasks with ease.

There are a few apps that can perform tasks automatically once you set actions. Each app has its benefits, and you can use them to repeatedly perform the same task, whether it is turning a text document into a PDF or rotating an image. Plus, there are apps for both Windows and macOS computers to do things automatically.

On your Windows computer, open an MS Word and click the View option under the ribbon menu. Press the Macros option and click Record Macro to start things. On the Adobe Photoshop app, press the Create new action option under the Action section.


You may don’t know, but Windows doesn’t have a default macro reader, which is why Microsoft has brought Power Automate Desktop. It is free and available for every Windows user to use. This complex tool is ideal, to begin with, but it can automatically finish a whole task.

The great thing about Power Automate Desktop is that it doesn’t require coding, and that’s the reason it is easy for everyone to access. Start with pressing New Flow and begin to build a flow (automation. Once you’re over the flow designer display, perform drag and drop to make the app learn your keyboard actions and mouse commands.

Check all the actions over the left tab and see all actions you can perform in Power Automate Desktop. You can manipulate emails, folders, files, system actions, clipboard content, web files, input devices, and many more. It might take some time to understand this tool perfectly, but once you master it, you’ll always find it more convenient and valuable than all other tools.

Among several third-party automotive tools, RotoTask is the most reliable and polished one. However, it is not a free tool since you have to pay $150 up-front and $60 on renewal. Indeed, the amount of using this tool is pretty expensive, but you can use its free trial for one month. Use its trial period, and if you find it convenient, you can proceed with it. 


For macOS, you should go with the Automator tool to finish tasks anytime you want. Indeed, it’s not an easy tool to operate, but there are plenty of things in this tool that you can manage. You can perform image editing, plus various types of file operations.

Once you open the Automator app, you’ll have to start creating a new automated task known as a workflow. You can perform several tasks under the app, such as Workflow, Folder Action, Application, Calendar Alarm, and more others.


Before starting with any app for automation, users must know what kind of and how many tasks the app can perform. The Macro Recorder in Windows can also be performed on macOS, but getting the full version, users should try out the demo version to know its basics. 

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