What to Create Your Background Transparent in Paint on Windows 10?

MS Paint is one of the best painting apps out there that offers several features and specifications. You can create your sketch as per your wish using several tools.

Sometimes users need to create a transparent background on Windows 10. If you want to do the same in Paint, then choose the object and then cut the same from an image. You can also use “Paint 3D.” It also supports transparent background features and one of the better options, especially if you prefer editing images.

In case you like to create professional pictures, then you can easily use Adobe Photoshop as it packs with tons of image editing tools that photo editors and such professionals use.

Here is how to create a transparent background in MS Paint or Paint 3D:

Adding Transparent Background to Images in MS Paint

Follow these steps to add transparent background to images in Paint:

  • First of all, launch MS Paint and then hit the Cortana tab.
  • Now, type the keyword Paint in Cortana.
  • Then, choose the Open Paint option there.
  • After that, hit the File tab, followed by tapping the Open button.
  • Choose an image to open.
  • Hit the Select tab and then click the Transparent Selection option there.
  • Choose the Free Form selection tab located on the Select Menu option.
  • Now, trace around a foreground portion to preserve from the actual image with the cursor through holding down the left-hand side tab.
  • Now, the leftover picture will be left outside the traced area. It will be a transparent background.
  • After that, perform a right-click inside the rectangular portion that is appearing just around your selected area.
  • Now, press the Cut option on your context menu to delete the selected foreground area from your respective image.
  • Next, launch the new picture in MS Paint.
  • Then, tap Ctrl and V simultaneously to paste the foreground portion that you have traced from your first image.
  • Finally, apply right-click on the pasted foreground picture and then drag it to a suitable position on the background picture.

Adding Transparent Background to Images in Paint 3D

Here are the steps to know how to add transparent background to Images in MS Paint 3D:

  • At the start, type Paint 3D in your Windows 10 search box. If you don’t have the Creators update, add the respective app to your Windows 10 using the official webpage.
  • Once you have successfully added the app to your Windows 10, you need to double-click the same to launch the Paint 3D app.
  • After that, press the Menu button and then tap on Launch.
  • Next, click the Browse Files option there and then select your image to launch the same in Paint 3D.
  • Hit the Canvas tab to launch the sidebar on your screen.
  • Tap the Transparent Canvas option located on the sidebar.
  • Click on the Select option and then drag your selection rectangle on the respective image area to remove the same.
  • Tap two keys at one go: Ctrl and X to cut out an area from the image. It leaves the picture with the blank transparent portion so that any background layer can fill the same.
  • Hit the Menu tab and then press the “Save as” option. Then choose the 2D PNG option there.
  • Type a file title into the respective box.
  • Then, hit the Save option.
  • Now, press the Menu tab.
  • After that, tap on New to launch the blank canvas there.
  • Next, choose the menu option, followed by hitting the Options button.
  • Then, hit the Browse Files tab and then select the same to launch the background layer image for the transparent image you have saved.
  • Tap on Menu and then press the Insert option.
  • Now, select the relevant option to launch the transparent image that you have saved.
  • Now, the transparent image will launch on the upper portion of your background layer on your screen. The background image layer fills the entire transparent area in a while on your overlapping picture.
  • You can easily resize the overlapping picture by moving your cursor to any of the available selection edges. You need to hold down the left mouse button, followed by dragging your cursor.
  • If you want to rotate the foreground picture layer, hover your cursor on the rotation circle at the respective selection border’s uppermost section.
  • Now, hold down the left-hand side tab and then drag either right or left-hand side panel to rotate your chosen layer either clockwise or anticlockwise.

Note: The cutout portion will remain blank once you open the respective image and utilize layers in other image editing applications.

Now that you know how to create your background transparent on Windows 10 using MS Paint or Paint 3D, turn on the device, open your MS Paint, and follow the steps mentioned above to make your background transparent.

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